Du Hang Pagoda

Du Hang Pagoda












Located on Ho Nam (Hồ Nam) Ward, Le Chan (Lê Chân) District, Du Hang Pagoda (Chùa Dư Hàng) (also called Phuc Lam Tu (Phúc Lâm Tự) that is 2km southwest from the city center is well-known for its unique and ancient architectural style. Nowadays, Du Hang Pagoda is attracting more and more visitors who come to explore the Buddha statue and learn more about the architecture of the Nguyen dynasty.

Hai Phong (Hải Phòng) that is one of the Northern provinces of Vietnam is affected by tropical weather; therefore, it has two different seasons within a year. The dry and cold season is from November to April while in the wet and cold season from May to October; there is a lot of rain in Hai Phong. The rain and weather are important factors that decide when the best time is to visit Hai Phong.

Tourists often combine Du Hang Pagoda with other attractions of Hai Phong like Cat Ba Island (Đảo Cát Bà), Do Son Beach (Biển Đồ Sơn), Trang Kenh (Tràng Kênh) Landscape and Elephant Mountain. They often travel to Hai Phong from May to October because, during these times, Hai Phong with ideal weather has numerous beautiful sights for tourists to discover.

After the New Year is the best time for visiting Du Hang Pagoda as you can pray the best for yourself and your family.

Du Hang Pagoda was built under the Tien Le (Tiền Lê) Dynasty (980 – 1009). In Le Gia Tong (Lê Gia Tông) Dynasty (1972), the pagoda was rebuilt with a full lance, the temple of ancestors, ring, bonze’s house, and paved paths with Bat Trang (Bát Tràng) bricks. In 1917, gardens, library, etc. of the temple were constructed and today, they remain. Up to now, many Buddhist clergymen and believers have restored this pagoda to make it more beautiful.

Although being rebuilt some times, the Du Hang Pagoda still maintains the traditional Vietnamese sculpture and architecture that will make tourists astonished when looking. There are seven rooms of Buddha in the pagoda. The ring gate is on the third floor. In its middle, a big brass ring is hanging with a line “Phuc Lam Tu Chung” (Phúc Lâm Tự Chung) written.

Visiting Du Hang Pagoda, tourists and travelers can have a chance to admire many Buddha statues and ancient arts from Nguyen (Nguyễn) Dynast at the end of 19th to the 20th century.

There is a quiet tower garden under the shady and big trees, creating a peaceful picture for this sacred temple. If you visit this pagoda, you should spend time walking through this garden.